McRocklin Suite Changelog

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v1.2 (Jun 2023)

- NEW: Added a 6th and 7th speaker for Clean/Edge/Gain amps 

- NEW: Drag preset to the UI to automatically load it and save it in the User folder 

- NEW: Sonic Empire (v1.2) preset bank 

- NEW: Sounds Like preset bank 

- CHANGE: Improved tuner and pitch tracker 

- CHANGE: Factory presets (excluding the one allowed in the DEMO version) now requires a valid license file to load 

- CHANGE: Improved license management 

- BREAKING CHANGE: Favourites for factory presets is reset 

v1.1.2 (Apr 2023)

- NEW: New presets (more details on our Support page)

- FIX: Improved Tuner precision among sample rates and block sizes

- FIX: Preset damaged after being favourited in DEMO version

v1.1.1 (Apr 2023)

- NEW: New presets (more details on our Support page)

- FIX: UI not reflecting real values when copy/paste plugin instance in a new track

- FIX: Amp not changing on rare occasions

- FIX: Section button showing overlay with wrong transparency

- FIX: Tuner not detecting lower notes on some configurations

- CHANGE: Tuner frequency, cents and close button fonts size increased

- CHANGE: Tuner Dry/Mute buttons state are now saved in session

- CHANGE: Tuner window can now be closed by clicking outside the space tuner

- CHANGE: Improved pitch tracking range and speed

- CHANGE: Improved User Manual

v1.1 (Mar 2023)

- NEW: Tuner

- NEW: Tap Tempo and BPM change (Standalone only)

- NEW: New presets (more details on our Support page)

- FIX: Speakers volume increasing with sample rate changes

- FIX: Preset deleted if Cancel pressed on the Delete Preset warning box

- FIX: Deleted preset still showing if scrolling with PREV/NEXT buttons

- FIX: Logo painting in low-res on Windows

- CHANGE: Improved Standalone app

- CHANGE: Improved look for knobs, buttons and FX section icons

- CHANGE: Improved Synth Oct pitch tracker

- CHANGE: New Version Icon is now clickable 

v1.0.1 (Feb 2023)

- FIX: Standalone not processing audio when using the 2nd input of a stereo pair

- FIX: Demo version silencer triggering at random times on some configurations

v1.0 (Feb 2023)

- First Release

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